The Gospel Youth - Empires

  • The Gospel Youth - Empires

The Gospel Youth - Empires

Brighton pop rock quartet The Gospel Youth will release their second EP 'Empires' on July 13th 2015, following up from a well received debut EP 'Kids'.

Those preordering the EP will receive an instant download of the first single from the release, 'Homesick', which comes with an exclusive acoustic version of 'Kids'.

Listen to 'Homesick' here:

That's not all, though! With every preorder you'll also be entered into a draw where the winner will get to choose between;

- two train tickets to Brighton to sing at Lucky Voice for a few hours of karaoke with the guys and party
- have the guys come to your house and play an acoustic set for you and all your friends.

- A signed physical copy of 'Empires' a week before release
- A copy of the watercolour used for the EP artwork from Ellen McCrimmon
- A picture of Julian's cat, Schnarf
- Sam's personal lyric book used throughout the entire process of making the record
- a limited edition shirt in the size of your choice
- a bunch of sweets
- whatever awesome stuff they can find.

1. Lighting Fires
2. Homesick
3. Stay Positive
4. If She's The Rope
5. Empires

Artwork Watercolour courtesy of Ellen McCrimmon
Photography & Editing courtesy of Amie Kingswell

Track Listing

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Homesick
  3. Lighting Fires
  4. If Shes The Rope
  5. Empires

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